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Why You Should Consider Getting Your Son Circumcised Early

Son Circumcised Early

Circumcision is the process of surgically removing the foreskin of the penis, and is usually recommended to be done in the early ages.

The benefits of early circumcision extend to adulthood, with a healthy reproductive system and penile function. Many new parents are now opting to get their sons circumcised at an early age for obvious health benefits.


Getting newborn males circumcised at an early age helps to prevent infant urinary tract infections, meatitis, balanitis and phimosis. This simple procedure of foreskin removal prevents bacteria from harboring in the penile area, preventing infections from festering into something serious in adulthood.

It helps to prevent inflammation, and problems like foreskin retraction in the later years.

Son Circumcised Early

Reduces Risk of Cancers and STIs

Removal of the foreskin helps to reduce chances of STIs and cancer in males who become sexually active from a young age.

Newborn circumcision helps to prevent cancer in males, which could develop in adolescence or adulthood. In fact, it also helps to prevent cervical cancer in female sexual partners, too, and prevents the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases in adulthood.

Easier Hygiene

Studies have shown that hygiene is less easily managed for those who are not circumcised. Newborn circumcision allows for good hygiene from an early age. In fact, for men born in warmer climates, circumcision helps to prevent skin irritation and problems like thrush.

Post foreskin removal, parents even find it easy to clean their newborn between diaper changes and instill hygiene discipline.

Easier Procedure

Newborn circumcision is more easily done than circumcision on an older male. The procedure is simpler, there are minimal chances of excessive bleeding and post-procedure infections, and the healing time is quite quick.

Of course, at later ages due to developmental changes, the procedure can become tougher to perform and the time to recuperate is longer and requires more care.

Easily Insured

Newborn circumcisions are easily supported by some health insurance companies. The procedure can take place soon after the birth of the baby, making it easier for recuperating mothers.

In fact, some hospitals also take discounted cash payments for newborn circumcisions.

No Disruptions to Routine

Getting your son circumcised early allows the body to adapt to the change soon for healthy growth.

It has been reported that circumcisions performed at later ages lead to lack of sexual pleasure, pains, infections and longer healing time, which can be disruptive to routinely activities.

Procedures for Infants Have Been Perfected

Circumcisions have been taking place for decades.

Today, surgeons are expert at performing newborn circumcision with great results. In fact, the penile area heals within ten days and the baby is in minimal distress during the course of the procedure and recuperation period!

For expectant mothers and parents of newborn babies, considering newborn circumcision is an investment in your son’s future.

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