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Planning a Princess Theme Birthday Party

Posted in Entertainment Little girls are naturally charmed by dolls and princesses. Every girl has her own favorite princess character from movies or cartoons. They love to get the toys, dolls of their favorite character, dress up like them and dream of living a life like her favorite princess.

You can give your little princess a chance to live the life of dreams by planning a surprise princess theme party for her birthday. Unlike the popular notion, planning a princess theme birthday party is quite easy. You just have to do a little bit of planning and put in a bit of effort to make your darling daughter feel like the royalty on her special day.

The below mentioned tips can greatly help you plan the perfect princess themed birthday party for your little daughter and her friends. Theme: The first step in planning and organizing a princess birthday party is deciding the theme. The theme can be the princess character your daughter likes the most. For instance, it can be a Barbie or Hannah Montana. Deciding the theme first-up would help you greatly gather the decoration and other supplies in a better way.

Before you start preparing for the party, it would be wise to take your time and prepare a list of the supplies you would need for the party. Preparing a list will not only help you be organized and make your buying process easier but also help you save money on buying unwanted materials.


 There is no better way to make your daughter’s birthday a memorable day for her than by inviting her friends over to your home for the party. Depending on the theme you have chosen you can prepare a customized invitation card to be given to all your daughter’s friends in the neighborhood and in her school. Write your invitation message in a card paper, roll it up and tie it in around it to give that additional royal touch.


 Princess Birthday parties are all about being colorful, royal and sophisticated. You can use decorative items in pink, purple and gold colors to decorate the party location. You can also use things related to the particular character of the theme in your decoration. Balloons and ribbons always make for a classic decoration items; pink balloons and ribbons are always a hit among girls.


 It is important that your daughter and her friends are thoroughly entertained throughout the party. You can plan different fun activities to get the guests in the party mood and have fun. You can provide the girls different decorative items and ask them to make accessories, which they can take away at the end of the party. Provide the kids with all the essential supplies like tiaras, glitters, sparkles and watch their creative skills unfold as they come up with magnificent items.


 A princess birthday party cannot be complete without food. You can make your own cake or order it. Make sure that the cake has attractive icing. Name the food according to the theme you choose. The ideas for a princess theme birthday party are unlimited. You know your daughter the best so plan things that best suit her interest. Fairytale treasures Australia is the most-preferred Kids Cinderella costume supplier of parents in the whole of Australia.

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