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Picking a Men’s Wedding Band, You’ll Both Love

If you’re a bride-to-be, you probably had no problem picking out your wedding band. You might have even given very specific set of instructions to your fiancé or dropped some not-so-obvious hints of what is acceptable and what isn’t. It’s ok, we don’t blame you. Guys’ fashion sense has long been constrained to a white t-shirt clean enough to wear and blue jeans, while your wedding band is something you’ve designed in your head for years.

But now that your big day is quickly approaching, it’s time to pull the trigger on his wedding ring. Easier said than done, right? As we said before, he likely has little interest in fashion outside of his team’s favorite colors, and men’s wedding bands? Forget it! So here are some tips in finding a ring you both will love and one he’ll never want to take off.

First, guys pay little attention to what their wearing when doing things. Yard work, playing sports, working on the car and working out at the gym he’s more concerned with what his is doing than his attire. So the last thing on his mind is removing his ring every time he goes to do something. Look for a material for his ring that is rugged. Gold, silver and even platinum are all quite delicate. Perfect for your ring but his is going to look beat to a pulp in no time. Rugged alternative metals like tungsten carbide solve this problem. Tungsten wedding bands are up to 10x harder than most precious metals and nearly scratchproof. So, save the white gold for your ring and get him something that can handle a man’s lifestyle.

Speaking of style, guys aren’t going to be too keen on bling-bling. A subtle diamond here or there is nice but simplicity is the goal here. Look for more industrial styled rings where form follows function, like the masculine appeal of brushed stainless steel appliances. Simple domed or beveled styles like those found in men’s cobalt rings have a variety finishes and a stylized industrial appeal man won’t be shy about wearing.

Last but not least, make sure you get him the right size. This can’t be stressed enough. Guys that have never worn jewelry before are going to be weary of their rings and want slide them on and off all day, which of course ups the instances of lost wedding rings.

 Make sure the ring is snug but comfortable. Modern wedding bands like the aforementioned tungsten carbide, cobalt, as well as titanium and now even some platinum and gold rings all come in a new sizing method called comfort fit. This rounded interior of the band allows for a more exact fit with less discomfort. He’ll have a ring that he won’t think its cutting off his circulation and he won’t have to answer to you after losing a band.

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