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Launch a Business Promotion Party


There’s nothing like a party to promote your new or up-and-coming business.  A launch is an important milestone in the life of any business.  Celebrating a launch with a party is a positive and exciting way to market a new business.  The following ideas can help you successfully promote your company by promoting its great kick-off! What Kind of Party Should You Have The nature of the business may very well determine the nature of your party?

Some business launches might be formal occasions held at conference centers while others might be informal and held in the business’s parking lot.  One business party might feed its guests caviar and crackers while another might hand out free hotdogs.  While it can be great fun to plan a party that is appropriate for the nature of the business, it is also strategically important from a marketing standpoint to plan a party that will garner great attention for the business.

Party Incentives Food as well as free merchandise can be a great party draw.  A new restaurant promising free appetizers, for instance, can use this offer to attract customers.  Raffles or special drawings are also solid incentives for attracting customers to a store or new business.  Free hats and t-shirts sporting the business logo are also attractive items to give away and boast marketing potential.  If possible, try to match incentives to the products or services of the business so that customers will equate those items with the business itself.

Invite Entertainment While a free hotdog and t-shirt might get many people to walk through the door, some type of entertainment might help you keep them there.  A great band or DJ can help keep your business party going.  Upbeat music is likely to draw a crowd.  On the other hand, a series of demonstrations or live tutorials might be just the thing for your particular business.  A new bike shop might feature a special program for kids about bike safety.  A new bakery might feature a workshop for making gingerbread houses.

Pins and Small Give-AwaysGiving pins to your employees during a launch is a great way to get your party off the ground.  The pins are a great symbol of your new business and they can promote your company’s brand or logo.  As guests and potential customers meet your employees and see the pins, they’ll begin to associate the logo or brand conveyed by the pins with your business’s products or services.  The pins are a subtle way to familiarize your brand with potential clients or customers.  While you give employees pins, you might give pens or magnetized business cards to customers as a small give-away gift.

Don’t Forget! When you plan your party, be sure to promote the event well in advance and remember to invite the press!  Be sure to thank all the employees who helped get you ready to launch your business.  The party is a great time to honor their hard work!  Finally, be sure that your party provides a hook—something that will entice new customers to come back like a coupon for the following week or month and don’t forget to have every attendee sign up for your mailing list!  Launch parties may be a lot of hard work, but they can be equally rewarding for the planners as well as all who attend.

Melissa Rudd has launched three separate businesses with success. Now retired, you can find her blog posts mainly on business, marketing and technology websites.

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