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Fun Birthday Theme Ideas for Kids

One of the most fun things for a parent is throwing a birthday party for their kids. Kids go crazy over birthday parties; they’re some of their favorite times of the year. Naturally, most parents want to be sure to give their kid the ideal birthday party. Don’t worry: you can do exactly that without spending thousands of dollars or traveling somewhere exotic. There are a million different things you can do to make your child’s day extra special, and extra fun for everyone involved.

 Here are a few different fun birthday theme ideas that you can consider with your kid: Backyard Carnival Everybody loves a carnival, and that’s doubly true for kids. Use your backyard to create some of the most beloved kid’s carnival games, such as bobbing for apples or a ring toss, and then set up some stands and recruit some parents to do face painting, balloon animals, and similar activities. If you really feel like stepping it up a notch, rent a bouncy castle or buy some fun small trinkets and toys to be prizes for the carnival games.

The Ultimate Game Spot A lot of parents take their kids to arcades for birthday parties. This can be fun, but it’s also full of other families, which makes it a little less special for the kid. Instead, consider bringing the games to your backyard. Set up a croquet set, and use it like mini golf. Put up a net and play volleyball or badminton, and consider getting a ping-pong table, if you don’t already have one. The list of fun outdoor games laser tag, remote control helicopters, lawn bowling is endless, so you can cater it to any space, any budget, and any group of kids.

Baseball Party Nearly every kid loves baseball, and that doubles when kids are in groups. As such, a baseball themed party can be a huge hit no pun intended. You can take kids to a game professional game, minor league game, or high school game which often have promotions for groups or birthdays. After the game (or instead of going to a game), you can head to the park to play baseball with all the kids, and before they go home you can hand out baseball themed party favors, such as personalized baseballs commemorating the birthday.

Scavenger Hunt A scavenger hunt-themed birthday party is sure to be a huge success with everyone involved. Kids adore scavenger’s hunts, and you can make it as hard or as easy as you want, given the age group of the kids. They’ll be mesmerized all day, and your kid will have a wonderful time. Pool Party A pool party is one of the most common birthday themes, and for good reason: what kid doesn’t love splashing around in the pool? If you have a pool, this is a very easy party to have, but even if you don’t, you can head to a public pool for a truly wonderful birthday party.

Any of these themes should leave your child feeling like the luckiest kids in the world. The birthday kid, the birthday guests, and you will all have a truly wonderful time.

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