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Everlasting Love – The Perfect Ring for the Perfect Occasion

The gift of jeweler has long been an expression of love between partners. Different types of rings have grown to be associated with different stages of a relationship, mostly connected with marriage – from signifying the intention to wed to celebrating the ongoing bond of everlasting love.

  1. A Ring for Every Occasion When it comes to the traditions of marriage, rings have always played an important symbolic role. The history of giving betrothal rings can be traced back to Roman times but the metals used were not always precious. Nowadays we use the diamond ring to symbolize the engagement of a couple. For the wedding ceremony itself it is traditional to exchange gold bands, although different precious metals are sometimes favored.

Rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremony as a sign of the couple’s unity and the bond of their everlasting love and marriage vows. Once a couple are married the ring can continue to be used as a symbolic gift, for example, to reaffirm the promises made at the wedding. The eternity ring is one such symbolic ring that is often given at special anniversaries as a reminder of the couple’s everlasting love and commitment to each other.

Of the three types of rings mentioned above it is the eternity ring which is less prominent, not because it lacks symbolic importance but simply because it is not fixed to a specific occasion. By their very nature all rings symbolize eternity. Designs for eternity rings usually involve a band of precious metal set with a continuous line of identical gems. The continuous ring of gems emphasizes that there is no beginning or end. The gems are usually deeply inset for comfort, but half or quarter eternity rings are available for those who would find wearing the thicker band uncomfortable.

  1. Eternity Rings Have Been Around for a While While there is evidence of eternity style rings dating from the 16th century it has been argued that the eternity ring in the design we know it today originated in the 1960s to make use of the large quantity of small diamonds which were available. At the time the trend for engagement rings, the other main type of ring using diamonds, was to have one large diamond for which the smaller diamonds were no use. However, whether designed for practical commercial purposes or not, eternity rings have found a special place in the honoring and celebrating of the tradition of marriage.
  2. Any Particular Occasion? While there is no specific fixed occasion for which the eternity ring is used, it is becoming more popular to give them as gifts to celebrate wedding anniversaries. As the rings can be made using different types or precious stones, you could combine the symbol of eternal love with the marking of specific anniversaries where the anniversary symbol is a precious stone, such as the Ruby Wedding. So if you are looking for that extra special gift for your partner on a significant anniversary you can be sure that stunning eternity rings will express your love with sophistication and style.

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