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Daddy’s Girl

A recent study has confirmed what every Daddy’s Girl knows – fathers are more attentive to their girls than their boys.  After monitoring interactions of fathers and toddler aged children, there was a stark difference in the interactions between men and their girls when compared to their boys.  The way dads spoke to their daughters showed more emotions 60% of the time. They sang, whistled and spoke more openly from their tender side to the girls.  With boys, during the same amount of time, there was more rough play, and what was termed as “achievement-related” language was used.  Words like proud, win or best cropped up more during these interactions.  This is probably not surprising to many young women who remember their dads as being nurturing, sensitive and encouraging.

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Experts say they aren’t sure if gender bias is unconsciously applied to young children, but the evidence that children begin to select what society sees as gender specific toys at a very young age may be the result of unconscious bias from parents.  Fathers spent 60% more time attentively responding to their girls than their boys.  This included singing, whistling and showing emotions including sadness.

This information was gathered by asking fathers of toddlers to wear a digital recording device that randomly recorded sounds made over the course of two non-consecutive days, once during the week and one weekend day.  Random samples picked up words like “cry,” tears and lonely which scientist suggest may be the reason girls tend to be more empathetic than boys.  As usual, there remains to be more testing, and as fascinating as the results of the brief study were, experts say validating emotions is good for both girls and boys.

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