Collaborative Divorce

collaborative-way-to-divorce-book-cover2Collaborative Divorce is a no-court alternative to traditional litigated divorce. In the Collaborative process, each spouse has a Collaboratively trained lawyer and everyone (both spouses and both lawyers) signs a written agreement not to take the case to court.

Collaborative lawyers have specific training in the Collaborative process, which focuses on reaching settlements out of court by looking to the couple’s needs and interests (problem solving) rather than trying to “win” the case. In contrast to traditional litigated divorces, spouses who chose to participate in the Collaborative process often report increased communication and understanding between themselves and their spouse because of the Collaborative process.

The Collaborative Divorce process is especially helpful for couples who have children together and therefore need to maintain a positive relationship with their spouse during and after the divorce in order to be able to co-parent their children.

Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals