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Lower Your Child Support If Your Financial Situation Changes

Has your financial situation changed? Do you pay child support? You’ll want to check out this Minnesota Public Radio information about how the courts are being flooded with motions to modify (reduce) child support because child support obligors have lost their jobs due to the poor economy. The title is “Courts flooded with requests to change child support terms“. The attorney cited is Virginia Kuberski, who by the way used to be with the Rice County Attorney’s Office, where I met her several years ago. Now she’s famous!

Here’s a link to the MN Court’s do-it-your-self forms to make a motion to reduce your child support. And here is a link to the MN Court’s child support self-help center where you’ll find lots of great Frequently Asked Questions and Answers and other helpful information related to MN Child Support.

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Child Support – How to request reimbursement from the other parent for their share of unreimbursed medical or dental costs

michelle-lasswellA lot changed when the new child support laws went into effect in January 2007. Among the changes is that if a parent is requesting medical reimbursement from the other parent pursuant to an obligation set out in a court order, he or she now must request the reimbursement promptly and provide detailed information.

Under the new law (Minn. Stat. § 518A.41, Subd. 17), a party must request reimbursement of unreimbursed or uninsured medical expenses within two years of the date that the requesting party incurred the expenses. This requirement applies to all court orders, even if the order was signed before the new law went into effect.

A party requesting the reimbursement must mail a written notice of intent to collect the medical expenses and a copy of an affidavit of health care expenses. The forms are available at the Department of Human Resources where they explain what must be included in the written notice. The affidavit of health care expenses must itemize and document the child’s unreimbursed or uninsured medical expenses and include copies of all bills, receipts, and insurance company explanations of benefits.

Failure to follow these formal steps could result in the other party not being responsible for reimbursement. So, keep good records and give the proper notice!

Author of this post: Michelle Lasswell, Attorney/Mediator

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