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All There is to Know About Baby Formula

Many mothers find breastfeeding their babies a difficult task and think that it is no less than a hard challenge to meet. They are not used to breastfeeding if they are new mothers. Then, there are mothers who are unable to breastfeed due to reasons such as surgeries in the past, illness and stress. Such mothers do not produce much milk for the baby. If you are one of such mothers who fail to produce enough milk to breast feed your baby, then you should talk to your pediatrician, who will advise you on supplementing the breastfeed milk with baby formula. Note that lack of sufficient breast milk production may keep your baby hungry even after few sessions of feeding. Hence, supplementation is the only way left to providing necessary nutrients to the baby.

First of all, find out how your baby reacts to the baby formula that you try for the first time. Some babies begin to show signs of allergies after taking small quantities of the milk from other sources. Gas and diarrhea are the other sensitivities you should be looking for in baby after giving the milk supplements. If the baby is comfortable with the bottled milk, you can start with cow’s milk. Search the marketplace for cow’s milk baby formula brands.

You should especially know about the nutritional values given on the package of the milk brand. Each brand has its nutritional guidelines that you are supposed to follow.  So, shop carefully by keeping in mind the specific nutrients that your baby is required to some ailments or particular requirements that the doctor has recommended.

You can also buy baby formula in powdered form, or you have the option to have concentrated liquid formulas which you can promptly mix with water to feed the baby. Most of these formulas are affordable. After your baby is habitual with the formulas you can try other brands and types of formulas as well. You will also know if a certain formula is all right with the digestion power of the baby or not. Some babies just do not like some formula and you have to try again until you find the one he finally likes. You can see the signs of the baby not liking a formula in the baby crying, turning his or her head the other way, fussing. Vomiting and spitting is also a sign that you need to try another baby formula. It may be that you should opt for soy milk or the one with no or very low lactose.

So should I stop breastfeeding? However, baby formula should not be an excuse for stopping breastfeeding. Remember that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby and supplementation helps in providing additional nutrients. While keeping the baby on a certain formula, you should first start with breastfeeding. It is when the baby is fed up of breast milk that you should pause and let him have bottled milk as much as he likes to take. If your baby becomes habitual of bottle milk, then he may not like breast milk, which no one will advise to any mother. Hence, start the feeding session with breast feeding and then offer the baby a bottle if you have to do that for additional nutrition.

Another issue that the mothers usually confront with is about the quantity of the nutrients. A mother will surely like to know if a baby formula has enough nutrition for her baby. There are some signs that a mother can pick up in her baby to tell if the baby is getting proper nutrition or not. A well satisfied baby with all the necessary nutrients supplied by breastfeeding and supplements radiates satisfaction from face and whole of the body. Such baby gets a sound sleep which is a sign of good physical and mental health of a baby.

Which brand is the best? Many baby formula brands are lined up in the market. Such plethora of milk supplements for the babies often creates confusion for the mothers and picking up the right formula becomes even more difficult. However, if you have first consulted a doctor, you will know about the necessary notional package for your new born. Knowing beforehand the nutritional requirements always is helpful in right shopping of the formula that your baby digests well and likes it too.

Make it a point that despite feeding the baby with the milk supplements, do not completely stop breastfeeding, which also is a way for baby to have a more emotional connect with the mother besides the much needed nutrients from mother’s milk.

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