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Adam S. Kutner – A Good Samaritan

Las Vegas Attorney Adam S. Kutner the owner and operator of the Adam S. Kutner and Associates Law office in Las Vegas, Nevada and has  wide passion for community involvement. His passion is flashing through his donations to the charity and sponsorships for upcoming lawyers.  He is an advocate and has dealt with more than 20,000 cases for the past 26 years  thereby providing justice to the needy ones.

Adam S. Kutner and associates mainly deal with the cases involving pedestrian accidents, car accidents, slip and fall cases dog bites, bicycle accidents, brain injuries etc. They also focus on cases of wrongful death and bad-faith insurance claims. In most of the cases, it was assured  by him that there was reprieve to the grieving  party.

Mr. Adam S. Kutner is contending for appropriate compensation of his clients for past two decades and has endowed this firm to render justice to his clients. In one of his interviews, when asked him about his gleaming business idea, he replied the question saying after completion of graduation from the law school, he was associated with an insurance firm by representing the company against personal injury claims. Later on he realized that he would gain more success by starting his own firm and then he started The Law Office of Attorney Adam S. Kutner and Associates to advocate those who have suffered injuries through no fault of their own.

He has a team of well known and experienced lawyers that provide you maximum settlement for your injuries as soon as possible along with supplementary allowance and benefits including getting your car repaired or replaced and also getting the right doctors.

For many years, Mr. Adam S. Kutner has been a strong counsel to the community in Las Vegas both inside and outside the courtroom.

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