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6 Key Areas of Great Day Nursery Education

Watching our children grow into the best they can ever be in terms of educational, social, physical and mental capacities particularly in today’s diversified world has to be one of the joys and most expectant rewards of parenting. Needless to say, the starting point for this takes its roots in how they are nurtured and in how their basic education is planned out. In this regard, getting a great day nursery that provides an environment where children can be 100% expressive of themselves and their interests and independent yet interdependent is a good way to begin our children’s nursery education.

A great day nursery such as  always has the resolve of giving children the experiences that would positively shape their outlook of and involvement in the society along the following 6 key areas:

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  2. Language Development
  3. Physical Development and Movement
  4. The World Around Us
  5. The Arts
  6. Mathematical Experience

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Every child is unique and thus possesses certain qualities that make up who they are. A great day nursery will try to key into these unique qualities and help develop them in line with a child’s learning pace and capacity. Personal development helps children identify who they are, the potentials they carry within and what they are capable of. In terms of social development, children should learn to interact and manage relationships at a very tender age which is why including it in day nursery education curriculum is essential. Although the personal and social development aspects are very important in a child’s growth, the emotional aspect must come into play because it is this that births the self-confidence and self-esteem a child needs to interact and express his or her self. Emotional development helps a child to become mentally aware, builds self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth and constantly reminds a child that his or her opinion matters irrespective of how loud dissenting voices are.

Language Development

Language development centres on teaching children how to read and write; how to listen and understand; and how to speak and communicate effectively. Since children are young minds, their language ability is best developed through rhythms, rhymes, pictures, descriptions, poems, short stories and most importantly their involvement. Alongside this, red flags in communication are also looked out for by ensuring that they are confident in their conversations, pronounce their words correctly and keep eye contact while talking.

Physical Development and Movement

According to science, a toddler’s body mass is more concentrated in the upper body part than the lower part which is why they are susceptible to falls every now and then. A good way to correct this is to engage them in physical activities and exercises that will teach them the art of coordination and control of movement. More so, teaching children how to stay healthy at an early stage will go a long way in developing them physically. A day nursery indulges children in physical activities like large muscle skill activities, gross motor skill activities and fine motor skill activities that give them the physical balance they need.

The World Around Us

This area gives children an insight on what is going on in the world they live in and matters arising. Involving them in social and political issues, inventions and inventors, basic science and technological innovations, is a way of building their knowledge base and ability to have opinions on matters that concern them. It is believed that their awareness and involvement at such tender ages would act as a standard foundation for their future education in history, science, technology and other concerns.

The Arts

Art is about creativity, passion, subjectivity, imagination and expressive freedom. What better way in developing a child’s imagination and expression is there than indulging them in the arts? We dare say none! Day nursery education gives children the opportunity to express their inner selves through music, play-lets, paintings, drawings and other creative activities.

Mathematical Experience

A great day nursery education strives to enhance children’s mathematical experience by making mathematics meaning to them i.e. bringing mathematics down to their level. How so? This is done by using mathematical language and expressions while interacting with them, encouraging them to engage in mathematical activities like sorting, counting and match-making and creating a mathematically rich environment (charts, shapes) where they can learn both consciously and unconsciously.

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