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6 Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Love

Have your friends moved to a new place? Traditionally, when you visit friends in their home for the first time, the gift of a housewarming present is both thoughtful and polite. However, it can be difficult to determine what your friends would like to receive as a present. You can give something temporary and consumable, or give them something that they will use for the rest of their lives.

 If you are stumped for ideas, take a look at the following ideas for suggestions. Food: A great consumable present is some form of food or drink, like wine, beer, cheese and crackers, or an appetizer of some kind. These items are perfect to bring to a friend who isn’t as well-known to you. You may not know what decorative style they have, but you can give them something consumable that they will most definitely appreciate. Entertaining accessories, like wine tags, bottle stoppers, cheese plates, or napkin rings can also make a good gift.

Kitchen Gear: If your friends like to cook, items for the kitchen make amazing and thoughtful gifts. You can give kitchen accessories, like a sharp knife, a new pot set, or pot holders; or a complete meal they can make on their own- like dried soup mixes and ingredients for homemade bread.

Plants: Plants also make great gifts for a new homeowner, and a plant is a traditional housewarming gift. Some plants are seen as lucky, like bamboo, and the gift of a money tree is said to help bring money into the household. Another fun gift (for a friend who owns their home) is the gift of a tree sapling, such as a peach tree.

Your friends can plant the tree in their yard and see it grow year by year. Soaps and Candles: Another classic housewarming gift is the gift of soap or candles. These gifts are ideal for a friend who you do not know well or a co-worker. You can purchase nice-smelling soap from almost anywhere, or look at home stores for pretty soap dispensers, or delicious-smelling candles Decorative art: This gift is best saved for a friend who you know well, who you know likes the same art that you do.

You can purchase famous art prints or paintings, or bring some framed landscape art photography for your friends to display in their home. This form of gift is highly useful when your friends move from a small space to a bigger home and need more art to fill the walls. Games and fun: Nothing is more fun than playing games with good friends.

 Encourage game-playing by bringing a fun game for your friends to play in their new home. Interactive party games, like Pictionary are always fun, or you could try less famous games- depending on the interests of your friends. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a gift that your friends will love. Good friends will appreciate the thought more than the gift itself. However, with these gift ideas, your friends won’t have to fake polite enthusiasm for the gift and will really enjoy what you purchased.

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