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Gay Marriage on Agenda for 2013 Minnesota Legislative Session

When Republicans pushed to amend the Minnesota Constitution to ban gay marriage, I would have liked to have heard whether anyone in the room thought to speak up and say hmmm…, are we going to lose and in the process of losing create a massive, grass-roots organization of gay rights supporters that will then pass gay rights legislation in the next legislative session?  I’m thinking that everyone was so overconfident that they never gave that a serious thought.  Well, that’s fine with me, because it is about time we had a conversation about whether it is right to deny committed gay relationships the legal recognition that they deserve.

Here’s an article on the upcoming gay marriage push in the 2013 Minnesota Legislature titled Minnesota’s Marriage Fight Will Flare Anew at Capital.

From the article:

Both sides of the marriage amendment fight are reuniting their troops as they prepare for what is rapidly emerging as the next frontier in the battle — a push to legalize same-sex marriage in the Legislature.

“Our intention is to make sure gay and lesbian couples have the freedom to marry after the 2013 legislative session,” said Richard Carlbom, campaign manager for Minnesotans United for All Families. The group is reconfiguring its operation that defeated the proposed marriage amendment on Election Day.

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