Arguing Over an Elderly Parent’s Care?

Are you and your grown siblings arguing over your elderly parent’s care?  Here’s a great article in the Star Tribune titled “New Sibling Rivalry: Caring for Parents” (see excerpt and link below) about elder care disputes.  Arnold Law and Mediation offers services to help your family discuss their options and opinions in a safe and comfortable environment with a neutral facilitator.  Sometimes people call this Elder Mediation, but it is really a format where we bring your family together to discuss, share information and ideas and opinions and have the opportunity to clear up misunderstandings and plan for future care and decision making. We have the technological capability to use a conference phone or online services to include far away siblings by phone or video conference. Let us help you lower the level of conflict in your family. Give us a call at 507-786-9999 to learn more.

From the article:

When a parent becomes ill, mentally or physically, or just becomes dependent on help, family members face daunting decisions that might include medical care, finances, power of attorney and myriad logistical challenges.

Experts say communication among the siblings, early and often, is crucial. Talk about decisions before they’re made and keep in mind it’s all about the parents’ well being.

Here’s a link to the article:

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One response to “Arguing Over an Elderly Parent’s Care?

  1. Great article. It demonstrates the importance of honest communication among siblings when it comes to caring for an elderly parent.

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