Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson; Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

The book Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson has a lot of interesting ideas surrounding the issues of communication between couples. I was lucky to be fortunate enough (see video below) to sit down with the author herself (through Skype) to discuss her perspectives on relationships, both what she believes to be the causes of conflict and the best ways to resolve them. Not only is the book informative, but it includes exercises that are meant to help the reader understand their situation and move forward in a healthy way.

By observing the patterns in the way people connect and disconnect, Sue believes that there is a way to help in the future to short-circuit future similar conflict patterns. She is able to recognize the core problems without being distracted by superficial details of conflict. Sue argues that the idea of dependence on another individual is not a negative attribute as so many believe it to be. As humans, we are meant to function with and depend and rely upon each other and that kind of connection makes not only the individuals stronger, but the relationship as well.

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