Can Emails or Texts Be Used in My Divorce/Custody Case? (Video Interview Carney Forensics)

Modern technology is changing the world more and more every day. People are finding their spouses through online dating services, pro-democracy groups across the Middle East are organizing via Facebook, and nowadays everything from your cell phone to your coffee pot has a computer chip in it. And the more our lives become digitalized, the more relevant digital evidence becomes to family law cases. That was the topic of my interview with John Carney, the founder of Carney Forensics, which helps attorneys, companies, and investigators gather digital forensic evidence. Watch the full video interview here:

So what is digital forensics? The most basic example would be threatening text messages from your ex, which can be used as evidence in family court. In fact, phone records, text messages, Facebook posts and emails can all be subpoenaed in certain cases. But beyond that, things can start to get complicated. What if you can’t figure out how to access all those old text messages or emails? Or what if a critical piece of evidence is hidden deep within a hard drive? That’s where Carney Forensics comes in.

After three decades in the technology sector, John Carney obtained a law degree and branched out into the growing field of digital forensics. He is listed as a Minnesota Qualified Neutral according to Rule 114 by the Minnesota Supreme Court, and can even testify in court as a digital forensics expert. Here’s a neat video that John Carney did with WCCO TV related to the Murdoch phone hacking scandal.

So, if you want to make sure you and your attorney can present the most important information — perhaps even if it has already been deleted from a computer or phone somewhere — then call the technological super-sleuths at Carney Forensics.

More info at:
Or call (651) 695-1757

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