Unmarried Fathers’ Guide to Paternity, Custody, Parenting Time, and Child Support in Minnesota

So, you are an unmarried father and you want to know about your legal rights with regards to your child? Well here’s a couple of questions: have you filled out an ROP or is there Presumption of Paternity or are you filing a petition for a Paternity Order? Are you planning on going pro se? Oh and one more thing: does the mother have an OFP, because if so it’s going to be hard to do PTE.

Confused? You’re not alone. The legal process surrounding paternity, custody, parenting time, and child support are complicated, especially for unmarried fathers. That’s why Central Minnesota Legal Services has put together this totally free guidebook (from mnfathers.org) for unmarried fathers in Minnesota who want to know more about their rights and their options.

Now, a guidebook is no substitute for legal advice from an attorney — if it were, I’d be out of a job. But it is helpful to understand the basics before you walk into an attorney’s office. This guide has a ton of helpful features like a quick reference dictionary of the legal terms you are likely to hear, an explanation of your rights as a father and how you would go about establishing those rights, and info about self-help centers and legal clinics that can help you navigate this at times confusing process.

Have a hard time paying child support? Worried about the mother trying to move the child out of state? Want to be legally recognized as the father? Interested in obtaining custody or parenting time? This may surprise you, but doing nothing won’t help your situation. Instead, check out the Unmarried Father’s Guide to Paternity, Custody,¬†Parenting Time, and¬†Child Support in Minnesota. You’ll be glad you did.

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