10 Commandments of Co-Parenting

I found this really helpful website called coparenting101.org. I’m sure I’ll be exploring this website and posting some of the more interesting resources that I come across as I check out the various links, but for now I’ll direct you to what they call the 10 Commandments of Coparenting. This helpful list outlines ten basic rules for co-parenting with your ex, including fundamental advice about interacting with your ex like “Treat the other parent with respect” as well as addressing overlooked issues like helping your child connect with your ex with suggestions such as “Help your children recognize the other parent with appropriate gifts or cards.” These useful guidelines should aid parents embarking on their co-parenting journey to create a more positive experience for themselves and their children. Check out the 10 Commandments of Co-Parenting at http://coparenting101.org/ten-commandments-of-co-parenting/.

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