Daisy Camp and DayTrooper Seminars: A Divorce Resource for Women

Daisy Camp: A Divorce Resource for Women

Jennifer Morris

I recently learned that DaisyCamp is now a non-profit organization (great news for everyone!). Their next retreat is scheduled for August 12 -14, 2011. They now have a “.org” website at www.daisycamp.orgwith updated information!

To register for a seminar:

e-mail daisy@daisycamp.org
call Marlys Ousky at 952-405-2060

When you register, you will receive an email confirmation with directions to the event and a reminder to send payment. If you prefer for Daisy Camp to NOT email you back, please call Marlys instead of using email or online registration.

When you receive confirmation of your registration, you can mail your check payable to Dasiy Camp and send to 3300 Edinborough Way • Suite 550 • Edina, Minnesota 55435

If you are interested in attending, but unable to pay the $60 fee, please contact Marlys at 952-405-2060 who will work with you to see if a discount can be offered or if a scholarship is available.


Jennifer, the founder of DaisyCamp, has a compelling story. From the DaisyCamp website:

In 2005, I went through my divorce. It ended up being a gift, though it was definitely in disguise at the time. I was lost, afraid, hopeless and terribly sad. Out of my own need for help and direction, Daisy Camp was born in 2006.

I discovered that during my divorce there are so many decisions to make, at a time you are least emotionally equipped to make the most important decisions of your life. I was determined to help other woman navigating divorce, so I created Daisy Camp. “D” is for divorce. “D” is for Daisy. Like a daisy, a divorce can signal a fresh start.

Each camp is a treasure chest filled with amazing people. Women attending the camp will begin an incredible journey of finding joy in their ever-expanding life. I am proud to have created such a wonderful program that has changed the lives of so many people and influenced so many families in their healing.

Five years later, my dream of Daisy Camp becoming a non-profit is a reality. And in my life today I am free to be me and all that I am meant to be, free to be happy, free to live, free to love, free to enjoy each moment, free to make space in my life for new beginnings, free to let go…

I invite you to participate in Daisy Camp. I applaud you for your courage in taking a leap of faith to attend Daisy Camp. Daisy Camp will inspire you too!



The DaisyCamp mission, from their website:

To provide a safe place for women facing divorce to get the support and reliable information they need for their ever-expanding life, through:
- Creating a supportive environment by treating all Daisy Campers, and each other, with warmth, respect, honesty and dignity.
- Providing women with referrals to the best resources maintaining the highest standards of creativity, honesty and excellence.
- Actively contributing to the betterment of our families and communities and the quality of life before, during and after divorce.

About their DayTrooper retreat:

Attend this information packed divorce seminar if you are:
Thinking about a divorce
In the divorce process or
Recently divorced

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

Legal 101 and Beyond…

Understanding your legal options in planning your new life.

Financial Nuts and Bolts

What’s mine? What’s his? Spousal maintenance? Who decides? Do I have my own credit? Can I qualify for a mortgage?

ABC’s of Real Estate

Do we sell in this market? Can I buy something else?

Keeping the Children in the Center, not the Middle

What about custody, visitation, and support?

Includes beverages, snacks and lunch

For more information contact:
e-mail daisy@daisycamp.org
call Marlys Ousky at 952-405-2060

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