Lost Your Job and Still Owe Child Support?

Lost your job in this poor economy? There’s a helpful post about child support and losing your job at www.mndivorceblog.com. The main idea is that if you lose your job, your child support doesn’t change. You need to go back to court to get a new child support order. If the court decides to change the amount of child support, the court will only look back to when you served your motion on the other parent and change (in court terms, it’s called “modify”) child support back to that date – not back to when you lost your job. One thing that I’ve seen recently is that at the modification hearing, many courts will reduce child support temporarily and then schedule a review hearing for about three months from your motion hearing. That way, they can make sure you are looking for employment and in three months if you’ve found work, they can look at your income (and often different health insurance cost and availability too) from your new job before setting a new child support amount.

Here is a link to the do-it-yourself court documents (including instructions on how to fill them out, serve them and file them with the court) provided on the Minnesota State Court website that you can fill out to bring a motion to modify child support.

Do you have a child support order in Minnesota and are looking for help with a motion to modify child support? We can help! We’ve helped tons of people with motions to modify child support. Did you lose your job or change jobs so your income has changed? Is your income lower than it was when your child support was last ordered? Did your medical insurance change? Did your childcare or daycare sitution change? Is your child or children now in school and doesn’t need child care anymore? Call Arnold Law and Mediation at 507-786-9999. We help people all across Minnesota with motions to modify child support.

We can help you! Call and learn more at 507-786-9999 or email arnoldlawandmediation@gmail.com.

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